Iranian Maz Maz Advertises Dried Sour Cherry

mbanews: The Iranian Company Maz Maz has turned dried sour cherry, a traditional delicious junk food in the country, into a packed product that gives safe pleasure both to traditional buyers and those who care more about modern sanitization

Having manufactured the product, Maz Maz attempted to advertise it with the help of the Advertising 360° Agency. The main challenge in advertising the product was to make an enticing image, given the appearance of a dried sour cherry that is, unlike the fresh type of sour cherry, deformed and crinkled and can be easily mistaken for a date or raisin. So, a fresh vivid sour cherry with three dried ones below it was pictured as well as a number of salt crystals and the curved nebulous lines representing the rotation of cherries in the process of conversion. This seems to have rendered the concept of the image quite understandable. On the other hand, although the red background of the image conveys a right sense, actually it might override other elements

Iranian Maz Maz Advertises Dried Sour Cherry

Advertising methods in this campaign include billboards, a number of lamp posts, and ads inside the train carriages of the Tehran subway. In addition, a variety of image subtitles have been broadcast in selected TV programs
The feedback from customers is said to have been so good, according to un-official figures the sales have raised twenty times in some spots. It remains to be seen whether or not this success will continue and Maz Maz is able handle this market

by Mehdi Parvin

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

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