Nestlé to Drive Waste to Landfill to Zero in Qazvin

mbanews: Many of the world-famous brands in line with their activities attach special attention to the protection and sustainability of the environment. The Nestlé factory in Iran is one of the firms that so far have gained significant achievements in protection of the environment. The Nestlé factory in Iran, in a global and innovative plan, has pledged that no waste of its factories will go to landfill by the end of 1400 - 2021/22

According to Nestlé’s official website in Iran and a report by MBA News, based on the project called “zero waste to landfill”, by the declared date Nestle should return to the production cycle all the wastes, including remains of the final products and also factory wastes, to the production stage. The project has been the result of two years of efforts and study on the raw materials and the elements existing in the wastes, as well as the alternative options for converting the wastes into materials usable in various fields

In the project “zero waste to landfill”, the wastes are classified into three major parts of liquid waste, powdered waste, and plastic, iron and wood. After detection of high degree of lead in the sludge settled in the liquid waste of the factory, the type of the acid used in the process of sedimentation (to neutralize the acidity of the liquid waste) has been altered to allow the final sludge to be used as solid fertilizer in the surrounding agricultural fields

Also, considering the numerous organic and mineral substances found in the powdered wastes resulting from baby food products processing, comprehensive tests have been carried out on the elements that make up these materials and the results have been shared with the related organizations. Eventually, with the approval and confirmation of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, Ministry of Health and the Department of Environment, now this type of waste is being sent to the mushroom producing plants to be used in the production cycle. Meanwhile, in line with the achievement of this goal, the plastic, iron and wood wastes of the factory are separated from each other in an organized manner so that while being committed to the existing rules and regulations about the elements constituting the recycled materials, be transferred to relevant centers for being recycled

According to Giuseppe Carella,Managing, Director of Nestlé Iran, “zero landfill of wastes” is not the only Nestle program for environmental sustainability. “Along with the said plan, Nestlé’s other initiative in Iran is the “Water Waste Management” project. In this project, after ensuring that proper specifications exist in the waste of our factories, a major part of the discharged waste of the Nestlé factory in Qazvin will be returned to the collective irrigation system. So that 50% of the refined water will be dedicated to the strengthening of the greenery and vegetation of the factory environment, and the other 50% will be flown to the surrounding farms for the irrigation of agricultural land.”

Friday, September 14, 2018

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